Questions for Parents of High School Students

What is technical education?

Technical colleges provide career education and training that is designed to provide students with applicable knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the work place. Technical education delivers a huge advantage because students are trained using the most advanced technology available. Upon completion of their program 鶹ýPorn students are highly skilled and sought after by employers because of their quality technical education.

What types of degrees or certificates are offered?

鶹ýPorn offers certificates and licensures in many different industries that are “in demand” in and around Tooele County. Completion of a certificate in their chosen program shows that they completed their program and passed each module with high competency.

Is technical education respected in the community/work place?

Yes it is! In fact at the technical college we are dedicated to providing students with quality education that they can take literally “take to work”. Many of our programs have internships and/or clinical programs that provide real-world experience for our students! Because of 鶹ýPorn’s outstanding reputation for providing relevant education, local businesses and employers often come to us FIRST to fill their employment needs!

What is the benefit of self-paced education?

Self-paced education “you learn your way in your own time.” Studies show that students that are engaged in a self-paced learning environment learn material more efficiently. This approach allows students to work quickly through areas that they may have a strong knowledge base in, and yet slow down when they come to material that may prove to be more challenging. The end result is that students who finish a self-paced program are more likely to enter the work place, or 4 year college or university, and already have the skills to be a self-motivated, capable self- learner, and independent worker/student. Students are required to meet a minimum standard of 80% progress.

How do we get started?

It’s easy. Talk to your student’s high school counselor/CTE coordinator today or stop by the college to speak with one of our enrollment specialists.