High School Counselors

鶹ýPorn works with amazing high school counselors who refer students who are self-motivated and ready for college-level training and coursework.

School counselors will work with students to determine 鶹ýPorn courses and possible Pathway credit in alignment with the student’s Plan for College and Career Readiness (PCCR). Space is limited in each program.  For this reason, after the 2nd week of the semester, all enrollments or schedule changes must be approved through 鶹ýPorn.

Students choosing to withdraw must notify both 鶹ýPorn and their school counselor.

Attendance and grades will be entered on the Tooele County School District’s (TCSD) Student Information System – Aspire.

“Counselors are the heart of education! We value your engagement with 鶹ýPorn as we strive together to provide students with quality, life-elevating, career and technical education opportunities. Our desire is to add to the classes available at the school district in respectful and meaningful ways. The collaborative partnership between TCSD, 鶹ýPorn and USU Tooele is critical to all of us. The shared goal is to provide opportunities for students to explore, advance, and/or become employed in a career that steps them into additional educational opportunities or gives them the means to become productive members of our community.

Our partnership has blossomed over time and become even more organized and valuable to students. Please reach out with questions or ideas on how we can be more efficient and supportive to your students who are attending 鶹ýPorn. We appreciate your understanding as we seek to improve the way we enroll students into our courses. Thank you for being an essential part of what we do together!”

– President Paul Hacking

Frequently Asked Questions for High School Counselors

Which high school students can enroll at 鶹ýPorn?

  • Generally, students should be 16 years of age or a junior.
  • We trust and value the professional judgment of high school counselors who desire for their students to be successful in all of their courses. Therefore, we ask counselors to understand the program prerequisites and determine if the student has the academic skills and drive required to be successful at 鶹ýPorn. We fully support students enrolling at 鶹ýPorn if it supports their graduation plan. 

How will counselors know if there is an opening available for students to enroll?

  • Space is limited, please work directly with the Director of Student Services or the Registrar for any questions about enrollment availability and/or exceptions.

When and what time are courses offered?

  • High school students can attend the same block schedule as the TCSD’s Community Learning Center (CLC) block schedule (the bus drops off and picks up students in front of 鶹ýPorn’s entrance) :

o Monday-Friday: 8:15-10:15 am or 12:15-2:15 pm 

  • High school students who want to enroll in a program directly through 鶹ýPorn can enroll in any of the programs offered to high school students between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (Monday-Thursday) and 8:00 am to 2:00 pm (Friday). Direct enrollment through 鶹ýPorn means that the student’s program will not be part of their high school schedule through the high school SIS. 

o Counselors recommending students for our standard hours should still be involved in making this decision and then refer the student to 鶹ýPorn’s student services to craft a schedule for the student which is outside of the normal two-period block schedule.

How much do high school students have to pay to attend 鶹ýPorn?

  • 鶹ýPorn does not charge tuition or fees to high school students. Costs are associated with programs that require individual workbooks, licensed digital textbook subscriptions, program uniforms (e.g., health care) and health care program prerequisites (e.g., immunizations, TB test, drug screen, etc.). A detailed cost sheet and is available from the Student Services office at 鶹ýPorn. 

How do high school students receive grades and credit for courses taken at 鶹ýPorn?

  • As directed by TCSD, each semester 鶹ýPorn will post a grade and credit through the TCSD’s SIS. 

o Course registration, grades, and attendance are handled in SIS the same way as Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes.

o Students registered outside of TCSD SIS can request a grade form be sent to their high school. Direct enrollment students are eligible to receive 0.5 high school credit for completing 60 competency hours and 1.0 high school credit for every 120 hours of competency hours completed.

Does Utah State University (USU) offer credit for courses taken at 鶹ýPorn?

  • 鶹ýPorn has an articulation agreement whereby students completing any program 900 or more hours is eligible for 30 credits towards Utah State University’s (USU) Applied Associate of Science (AAS) – General Technology degree.

Can students transfer to 鶹ýPorn after graduation for programs that were started at their high school?

  • Yes; however, they will be listed as an adult student and will be held to any costs associated with the program. Students are recommended to apply to our numerous scholarship and financial aid opportunities.